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iPhone, iPad Active Menu 
iCloud Remove Service

What is Active Menu iCloud Remove Service?

This service for iCloud Removal for device on Active Menu.

Which devices, iOS does it support?

All iPhone and iPad models supported on Active Menu Screen.

And iOS 11 to 13.5 Supported.

iOS 13 and iPadOS compatible iPhone and iPad models

Any problems after the this service using?

After using this service, iCloud status will be off. ( FMI: OFF ) Thats why you never see any problems.

                         animation showing iPhone 11 Pro being unlocked

Can I using this service on Mac or Windows?

This service access only works whit Mac. But if you have Windows, we can remote connection to Windows.
( Example: FlexiHub )

Uygulama simgelerini Mac ekranı genelinde ızgara düzeninde gösteren Launchpad.

How to do Active Menu FMI: OFF iPhone and iPad

1- Registration

Registration then contact us on WhatsApp. 

2- Download Tool

Download the Bypass Tool then Jailbreak your device.


3- Place Order

Make a payment, then copy token from Passcode Tool. 

4- Do Passcode FMI:OFF your iPhone, iPad

If your device iCloud password has not been changed by old owner, your Passcode order will be successful and device iCloud will be FMI:OFF.

Some Errors and Solutions

Error: Failed to Remove iCloud Error: 401 account data changed

Why You Get: This error you get because iCloud Password changed from old owner.
Solutions 1: You can use Passcode/Disable Bypass Service. ( Passcode/Disable Bypass Service )
Solutions 2: If your device no have Meid number, you can use Bypass Service after restore your device. 
Bypass Service )

Error: Error your request can't be generated

Why You Get: Because you using old Passcode Removal Tool.
Solutions: Download new tool. ( Passcode FMI: OFF Tool Here )

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