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New ICCID Perfect Code (Updated Date: 2022-2-11)


*Tutorials For Configure*

New 2020 Perfect ICCID 4G Turbo Sim Unlock For Any Network Lock All iPhone Any Country Carrier

ICCID mode only work in USA / ICCID For Other Country
For Instructions Video Click

1. For IOS 12.x, Mix support to auto popup to set iccid


2. For IOS 13.x, you should use unlocked iPhone to set ICCID, and after done, you may insert it into your locked iPhone and activate your iPhone.

Here is step to set ICCID:

    I.  Insert HeicardSim into unlocked iPhone.

    ‖.  Enter Cellular->Sim Applications->select: Perfect Unlock Via ICCID.

    III. Input new iccid and send

    IV. After done, insert it into locked iPhone and activate your iPhone.








Latest HeiCard 1.39 Universal Mode

1. Support all ios14 popup menu when change a new sim

2 .Support qualcomm chip baseband iPhone unlock signal at backgroud without request atcive screen

3. Support intel chip bascband iphone 7/7P and other intel chip iphone unlcok signal,such as at&t /tmbile version

4. Support auto reload signal when singal lost

5. Support SIM mode exchang,4GSIM exchange to  3GSIM,or 3GSIM exchange to 4GSIM,make unlock more stable

Latest Gevey Pro V13.2.3 Cyber-Mode

4G Turbo Sim Network ICCID Cyber Mode iOS13 Any Country Carrier Gevey Pro 13.2.3
Product Details
  • Latest 2020 released
  • Supports iOS13 above
  • Auto Pop up menu
  • Supports iPhone 6/7/8/X/Xs/Xr/11/11Pro/Max
  • Supports future updates
  • Works internationally

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