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Netflix Premium Account [4 Screens + UltraHD] 1 Month ✨


This Account Works for 1 Month. These are Accounts created by Telecommunications Company.

How to Use :

We will Provide your ID and Password, Sign in using that details.

Then Just Create a Profile and always use same profile to watch.

Don't use any other profiles.

Never Change Password, Otherwise you will loose your account.

We Don't Offer any Warranty !

MUST FOLLOW STEPS to Use Netflix Without Getting it Banned

Uninstall Netflix app 

Restart phone 

Install Netflix app


Enjoy Netflix ❤?

If u want to share it to other person . Then please do that previous steps in their phone

 If u want to watch in laptop . 

1. Clear all data of browser. 

2. Then login 


Recommended instructions to avoid account hold/ban:

Clear app data, browser cookies before firstlogin :3

Refrain from sharing with alot of people, pass this link or these instructions to whomever you share account with.Do not add phone number to the trial account, if number is used in any other account previously. Account will get hold. If any account is found to have linked/unlinked phone number from the account. No refund/replacement.

 Android Devices :

Clear Android app data and cache.

orIf you are using MIUI, create second space.

PC/Laptop :

Clear PC web browser cookies and cache.

orMake new chrome/firefox user profile. using Windows10 application. It’s buggy anyway and no easy way to clean residual data.

iOS Devices:

iOS has a low success rate, but uninstall and reinstalling the app are working for someAvoid iOS as 80-90% users get ban after few days. Why?

TVs, PlayStation etc :

They generally do not need anything, if cookies/data clear option is there, please use it.Password is changeable, username is not.This chrome extension is very featureful for choosing server location and forcing UHD etc




Monthly cost* (United States Dollar)




Number of screens you can watch on at the same time




Number of phones or tablets you can have downloads on




Unlimited movies and TV shows

Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet

HD available

Ultra HD available

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